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Mechanic Southport


M1 Safety Certificates and Mechanical have all your repairs and servicing needs covered. 


Our workshop is located at Unit 1, 21-23 Ereton Drive Arundel, less than 15 minutes drive from the centre of Southport.


Our fully qualified mechanics are able to sign off your logbook services without voiding your new car warranty. 


Our services include:


·      Online Safety Certificates for cars and light trailers 

·      HVRAS and Pre-Purchase Inspections

·      Logbook Servicing

·      Brakes

·      Suspension

·      Steering 

·      Full engine replacements

·      Cooling systems

·      Diagnostics 

·      Clutch replacements

·      Wheels and tyres 

·      Wheel Alignments


M1 Safety Certificates and Mechanical specialise in Fleet Management for your entire car servicing needs. We understand that down time cost company’s money and we specialise in managing Fleet vehicles to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.


Our comfortable waiting area has Free Wi-Fi to allow your staff to access the Internet whilst waiting for the vehicle to be serviced. 



Using the same OEM equipment used by Jaguar, Landrover, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagon, Audi and BMW, M1 Safety Certificates provide all services in relation to wheels and tyres.


Wheel alignments are carried out with the latest technology with our Hunter Hawkeye Elite Wheel Aligner. The wheel aligner uses four precision cameras to measure the position and orientation of the targets mounted to each wheel using the adaptors. This system eliminates the metal-to-metal contact when aligning the wheels that causes rim damage. 


The system will then provide you with a print out of the current alignment and the adjustments that are required to bring the vehicle’s wheels back into alignment.


The main benefit of having your wheels aligned correctly is the even wear on your tyres. This allows you to get a longer life out of your tyres that saves you dollars at the end of the day.


Complimenting our wheel aligning equipment is the latest top of the line Hunter Wheel Balancer. 

The Road Force Elite Wheel Balancer is able to solve wheel vibration problems that normal wheel balancers cannot. 

The machine can detect non-balance; radial force related problems that stem from tire uniformity, rim and tyre run-out, wheel to balancer errors and improper bead sear of tire to rim.


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