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Is a Roadworthy Certificate and a Safety Certificate the same thing?


Yes it is. Previously called a Roadworthy Certificate, a Safety Certificate is issued when a vehicle meets the minimum safety standards set by the Code of Practice issued by The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads.


What vehicles require a Safety Certificate?

  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
  • Caravans
  • Trucks
  • Trailers
  • Heavy Trailers

When do you need a Safety Certificate?

  • When transferring a vehicle (ownership or interstate)
  • New registration of a vehicle


When you don't need a Safety Certificate?

  • The disposer being in an exempt location
  • Beneficiary of a deceased estate between spouses (including separated spouses)
  • Remote locations
  • Selling a vehicle unregistered
  • Traded into a licensed motor dealer
  • Traded between licensed motor dealers


What happens if my vehicle fails the inspection?


Queensland Transport allows 14 days to have all defects rectified. Once the defects have been fixed, call us to reschedule an appointment. (Charges apply for mobile re-inspection)


What happens if I don’t have these repairs completed in 14 days?


The partially completed Safety Certificate is cancelled. You will need to have a new full inspection with a new Safety Certificate number.


How long does a Safety Certificate last for?


>For Motor Dealers -  3 months or 1000kms (whichever one comes first)

>For General Public – 2 months or 2000kms (whichever one comes first)


How long does it take to do complete a Safety Certificate Inspection?

Approx 45 mins to 1 hour.



How much does a Roadworthy/Safety Certificate inspection cost?


For light Vehicles at our Approved inspection station the Price is set by Queensland Transport and main roads.


Light vehicles: $80.05 (2017-2018) 

This includes one re-inspection if presented within 14 days from the first inspection.


For mobile inspections travel rates apply. (Approx $99.00 on avarage, Plus Re-inspection charges)

Call 1300 617 233 to find out more. 

What happens if my vehicle is unregistered?


  • You need at least Compulsory Third Party Insurance on the vehicle
  • A copy of the Department of Transport’s New Registration Application Form signed by the owner

New Registration Application (F3520) Forms can be downloaded from Queensland Transport’s website.


Download: Transfer of Vehicle Registration Application

Download: Vehicle Registration Application


Can I drive my unregistered vehicle to an Approved Inspection Station?


Yes you can as long as you have Compulsory Third Party Insurance on the vehicle. You will need to put a print out of the insurance in the vehicle.


The Transport Department and Main Roads allow you to drive from your place of residence directly to the Approved Inspection Station with this insurance.


Does my Trailer need a Safety Certificate?

Trailers with an ATM (Aggregvated Trailer Mass) over 750kg are required to obtain a Safety Certificate. 

If your trailer is less than 750kg, you can simply contact Queensland Transport for a Self Assessment.

(You do not require a Safety Certificate)


Download: Self Assessment of single axle trailer

For more information on trailer registration please visit:


What’s the difference between a Safety Certificate and a Pre-Purchase Inspection?


A Safety Certificate is a document that certifies that the vehicle has met the minimum safety standard stipulated by Queensland Transport. This doesn’t mean that the vehicle is a good buy.


A Pre-Purchase Inspection is a full inspection of the complete vehicle and a report on its condition. This allows you to make an informed choice if the vehicle is suitable for you to purchase.


If my car fails, can you do the work for me?

Yes we can. However all mechanical work is carried out at our workshops only.

We do not offer mobile mechanical repairs.

We also carry out all vehicle repairs and logbook servicing at fixed locations.


How do I register my imported trailer?


Whether you are importing a boat and trailer from overseas or building your own camper trailer at home, there is a lengthy process that is often unclear when registering a new trailer.


Sometimes it can be quite frustrating as most people underestimate the time and effort involved in registering a trailer in Queensland when it has not been registered in Australia before. Make sure you have plenty of time and be prepared to travel to several locations and deal with quite a few departments. It is not a straightforward or easy process.


Before importing any trailer into Australia you MUST have an import approval.




For trailers imported from overseas TMR cannot assist with registration requirements without a valid import approval from the Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT), it is recommended you make contact with the Vehicle Import Office for further information of the type of approval required.  


For information about the import approval type you will need to make contact with the Commonwealth Department of Infrastructure and Transport (DIT) Vehicle Import Office.


The contact details for the Vehicle Import Office of DIT are:

Telephone: 1800 815 272 (inside Australia) 

                     +61 2 6274 7444 (outside Australia) 

Fax:              +61 (0)2 6274 6013 



When the import approval is issued, TMR (Queensland Transport and Main Roads) will classify the vehicle as fitting under a specific type of import approval.  It is from this type that TMR determines the compliance requirements for a vehicle/trailer, which are necessary to ensure the imported vehicle/trailer complies with any applicable Australian design rule.

Information about importing vehicles/trailers to Australia can be downloaded at:




In order for a Safety Certificate Inspection to take place in Queensland the trailer must have a compliance plate. Compliance plates are purchased through a Queensland Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centre. You can locate the closest one to you by visiting their website.


When purchasing the Compliance Plate you will have a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) issued to you as well as a Compliance Plate.

These are the details required for that plate to be engraved and then fixed to the drawbar of the trailer.



VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) – The vehicle requires an Identification Number. These numbers are issued by Queensland Transport and are required BEFORE you book a Safety Certificate Inspection.

Date of Manufacturer - This is the date that the trailer was manufactured. You can use an estimate of that date if it is not known. To estimate this date make enquiries of trailers that are the original design with the same date. In the circumstance that the trailer has been rebuilt or heavily modified then it will be treated as a new trailer and the date of the modifications/rebuild is the new manufacturers date. Month and year is to be shown as: 02/17

TARE weight – This is the weight of the trailer unloaded. You will need to take the trailer to a weighbridge to have it weighed and a weighbridge certificate to be produced.
ATM (Aggregated Trailer Mass) – This is the weight in kilograms on how much the trailer is rated to carry and is calculated by the manufacturer.

Tyre Size/Ply – The tyre size can be found on the wall of the tyre.

Recommended Cold Tyre Pressure – This is displayed also on the tyre.

Load Carrying capacity of the axle or axle group – The axle manufacturer stamps this on the axle.



The VIN must be stamped into the chassis of the trailer before a Safety Certificate Inspection is booked. If this is missing it will fail for identification.


Link for VIN Application for a light trailer with an ATM of 4.5t or less:$file/F3648_CFD.pdf




A Queensland Safety Certificate is then carried out on the trailer to make sure that the vehicle is roadworthy. The Accredited Examiner will be checking the following items on your trailer to ensure that the trailer is roadworthy and safe.




Lights and Electrical Components

Body & Chassis


Wheel & Tyres


Tow Couplings


If you are uncertain if your trailer would pass or be compliant with Australian Design Rules you can look up the requirements through this link:




A HVRAS (Heavy Vehicle Registration Assessment Scheme) otherwise known as a measure up is a document you require to submit to Queensland Transport along with your Application for New Registration form.

You will need to have an accredited person complete this paperwork and to measure the trailer to make sure that the vehicle meets the guidelines set by Queensland Transport and Main Roads.

If the trailer has not been previously registered in Australia the vehicle will need to be taken into a Customer Service Centre that completes HVRAS inspections for imported trailers. A private accredited person cannot complete the HVRAS for these trailers. To find the closest Queensland Transport and Main Roads Customer Service Centre call 13 23 80 and they will be able to confirm the service centre that can provide this service.




When all the forms have been completed:


  •  Safety Certificate
  •  HVRAS
  •  New registration form
  • Gas Certificate if required


You will be able to register the trailer with the Department of Transport and Main Roads and they will issue you number plate to fix to the trailer.






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