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Pre-Purchase Car Inspection  Sunnybank Hills



It can be quite a stressful when buying a vehicle as a private sale. This can make both the buyer and seller nervous, as there are horror stories that we have all heard from both sides of the transaction.


Even though a vehicle has a valid Queensland Safety Certificate does not mean that the vehicle is mechanically sound. A Queensland Safety Certificate is a basic check that the vehicle meets the minimum standard set by Queensland Transport and Main Roads to be road worthy on the road.


One example of the difference between a Safety Certificate and a Pre-Purchase Inspection is that of an oil leak. 


Safety Certificate – The vehicle cannot fail a Safety Certificate Inspection for an oil leak unless the oil is dripping onto the road surface or onto the exhaust.


Pre-Purchase Inspection – All oil leaks are noted and advised how severe they are, where they are coming from as well as an approximated cost for repair.


One thing to definitely keep in mind is that as a private buyer, once the exchange has been completed between the buyer and the seller there is no come back on the seller. 


Even if the seller tells you that there is nothing wrong with the vehicle and you feel that they are trustworthy only to find major problems within the first couple of days they still are not liable for the vehicle.


This is one of the biggest risks that you face buying from a private person as opposed to a dealer. Of course a dealer is going to be selling the same vehicle in the dealer’s yard for a higher price but they need to cover the vehicle’s warranty costs as well as their labour/rent etc.


If you are unsure and want the assurance that the vehicle has a warranty you can either purchase an after market one or buy from a dealer.


A Pre-Purchase Inspection is not a warranty either. The Pre-Purchase Inspection is a report of the condition of the vehicle on the day that the mechanic is looking over the vehicle.


He is not able to see the internals of the engine and is looking at indicators at that time that show an issue underneath. However if the vehicle is showing signs of wear and defects, the mechanic will be able to discuss this with you to help you make the best decision for you.


The Pre-Purchase Inspection includes a verbal and written report of the condition of the following.


·      Logbook check

·      Interior 

·      Panels

·      Doors & Locks

·      Glass & Mirrors

·      Paint

·      Seats

·      Seat belts

·      External lights

·      Battery

·      Horn

·      Air-Conditioner

·      Heater, Demister

·      Gauges, warning lights

·      Wipers, Washers

·      Fault Codes

·      Exhaust System

·      Clutch Controls

·      Frames & Members

·      Wheel Bearings

·      Brakes, Pads

·      Drive Shafts, Axles

·      Automatic Fluid (Level)

·      Front Suspension 

·      Rear Suspension

·      Shock Absorbers

·      Gearbox, differential

·      Steering components

·      Brake master, pipes, lines and hoses

·      Ignition system

·      Engine Mounts

·      Engine Fumes

·      Exhaust Smoke

·      Auxiliary drive belts

·      Cooling System

·      Fuel System

·      Fluid Levels

·      Power Steering 

·      Engine Oil Condition 

·      Seals and Gaskets

·      Measurements of tread of all tyres including spare

·      Road test

·      Ease of starting

·      Engine Performance

·      Drive Train Operation 

·      Power balance 

·      Steering and suspension

·      Brake operation 

·      Odometer (visual check)

·      Hand brake


We do offer Car History Check Reports at an additional cost of the service. 


The Car History Report covers:


1.     Any finance owing on the vehicle – if there is finance owing on the vehicle and you pay for the vehicle, take possession and transfer the vehicle into your name that owed finance now if your problem. The car can be repossessed if the seller does not pay the finance leaving you with no vehicle even though you have legally paid for it.

2.     Written Off Status – The vehicle may have been in an accident that the repairs outweighed the cost of the vehicle being replaced. The insurance company will register the vehicle on the Written Off Register if this is the case. One of the most common is hail damage. Many of these vehicles can be repaired properly and be a great car to own. One of the constraints with the Written Off Status is that a lot of the finance companies do not lend against a vehicle that has this status.

3.     Large Insurance Claims – Insurance claims for accidents and damage are recorded on this report as well. It is a great tool to see the history of the vehicle. 

4.     Some vehicles have records of the previous odometers on certain dates. This is not a record kept on all vehicles though.


With all this information in hand you will be able to feel confident in knowing what you are buying and have the tools to negotiate with the seller if required.


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