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Clutch & Brakes


Brakes are a vital safety aspect of your vehicle. It is imperative that you have your brake pads and rotors checked on a regular basis.


Brake pad wear can be accelerated from driving on steep terrain, constant braking, braking heavily and towing heavy loads.


Excessive noise or vibration from your brakes is a sure indicator that your brakes need to be checked. Squeaking, grinding, banging or screeching all require a qualified mechanic to inspect for issues immediately.


Rotors should be checked every time the brake pads are replaced in case they require machining.


Clutch problems can range from slipping or shuddering through to noisy or non releasing clutch issues.


M1 Safety Certificates workshop can fix clutches on all makes and models.


Common issues :


  • Slipping/No Drive – Oil or grease on clutch, Broken clutch facings or badly worn
  • Shudder – Facings worn to the outside of the clutch plate, Oil or grease on clutch or badly worn
  • Non Release – Bending or warping of the clutch plate
  • Noisy Clutch – Broken clutch mechanisms, badly worn
  • No Pedal – Damaged splines on clutch plate



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