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Wheel Alignment 


Why is a proper wheel alignment so important?


Many things can affect your wheel alignment. Potholes, road shock, bumping concrete park stops and curbing gutters can alter your alignment without you even noticing. 


Your car may be out of alignment in the rear of the car and this is referred to as Dog Legging. The thrust angle of the rear wheels to the front wheels is off center therefore your front wheels are going straight but your rear wheels are going slightly to the left or right. This is a fight between your front and rear wheels to direction the car should be going. This can put stress on steering and suspension components and we advise you have someone look into it as soon as possible to avoid further damager or any accidents.


When a wheel alignment is carried out on a vehicle there are different angles of the tire that need to be aligned to wear evenly.


These angles are referred to as Castor, Camber and Toe.


Castor is the measurement of the vertical angle of the strut from the wheel to the top of the vehicle. 


Camber is the measurement of the wheels when looking at the front of the vehicle if the wheels are tilting inwards or outwards from being vertical.


Toe is the measurement of the wheels from the top of the vehicle on the wheels pointing inwards or outwards.


Having one or more of these measurements out of alignment can dramatically change the wear on your tires.


The quality of the wheel alignment depends on the equipment and expertise of the aligner. As the technology in our cars becomes more complex as does the machinery to adjust those components. A wheel alignment from M1 Tyres with our latest technology will have a printout of the adjustments required. Our friendly team will explain where your vehicle currently is and what adjustments need to be made to bring the vehicle back into alignment.



Hunter Hawkeye Elite Wheel Aligner


Wheel alignments are carried out with the latest technology with our Hunter Hawkeye Elite Wheel Aligner. The wheel aligner uses four precision 3d cameras to measure the position and orientation of the targets mounted to each wheel using the adaptors. This system eliminates the metal-to-metal contact when aligning the wheels that causes rim damage. 


The system will then provide you with a print out of the current alignment and the adjustments that are required to bring the vehicle’s wheels back into alignment.


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