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Tyre changing Arundel


Tyre changing processes have progressed with technology over the years. Some of the techniques of using lever bars are still quite commonly used today but have always had the high risk of scratching the rims when changing the tyre.


One of the great advances in tyre technology is the leverless machine. The machine is designed to apply consistent pressure without slipping during the process of removing and replacing the tyre on the rim. This eliminates the risk of rims being scratched. 


At M1 Tyres and Service we understand the frustration of customers that have experienced their rims being scratched.


Our Hunter Auto34S OEM Leverless Tyre Changer that is used by brands such as Jaguar, Landrover, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagon, Audi and BMW allows us to change your tyres with confidence.


 Typically the larger the rim with low profile tyres is more likely to be damaged on your traditional tyre changing methods. With the latest equipment in our workshop we are able to put your mind at ease and your rims back on your vehicle in the same condition before they were removed.


This equipment allows us to safely change rims up to 34”.






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"My husband and I have a passion for Kombis and help people out by fixing them up for them, and recently my husband and I finally completed our own and we needed to get it registered so as a surprise for my hubby I organised M1 Safety Certificates to do a check on it,, as a women I got very nervous as usually we get treated differently I was put at ease and the whole experience was awesome,, these guys are professional, friendly, helpful, and I recommend them to everyone,, have a great year guys. Nige and Sue Green Palm Beach..."


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